Cemetery Care

Indiana law gives the responsibility for maintaining abandoned cemeteries in the state to the township trustee.

Indiana Code: IC 23-14-68

Indiana townships may also administer public cemeteries that are either:

  1. Established by the township as a public cemetery IC 23-14-69 or;
  2. Conveyed to the township by a cemetery association existing under any Indiana statute before March 9, 1939. IC 23-14-64

Bloomfield Township actively maintains 5 abandoned cemeteries: (map)

    Hoagland Cemetery
    Pleasant Hill Cemetary
    McCoy Cemetery
    Plato Cemetery (Hills Corners Cemetery)
    Marks Cemetery
Hoagland Cemetery
41.67780, -85.40780
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
41.663563, -85.388716
McCoy Cemetery
Plato (Hills Corners) Cemetery
41.63689, -85.32856
Marks Cemetery